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Trinity Public Health Coordinated Intake



Coordinated Intake conducts a universal screening to provide resources and referrals for all women of newborns who deliver at Trinity Muscatine Hospital.  The Universal Screening, a tool derived from the Healthy Families in America Evidenced-Based Model, is utilized to assess risk factors and make referrals to families for early childhood in-home support programs and other resources as needed.  Following the screening, a point-system criterion is used to determine the level of risk for each family.  The point system is a guide to determine which level of care and program referrals are most appropriate for each family.  Currently, families who are lower risk and sign a release for coordinated intake are referred to the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program and higher risk are referred to Lutheran Services of Iowa HOPES program, unless a specific program is requested by the family. The coordinated intake among TMPH, HOPES and PAT has been in successful existence for over 10 years and comes from the support of early childhood funding and strong collaborative relationships. 


Jacob Dornbush


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