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ECIMC Priorities and Strategies

                   Updated Febuary 19, 2019

Children Safer

  • Priority 1: Quality childcare will be accessible to all families (ECIRA: Secure and Nurturing Learning Environments; Safe and Supportive Communities)

    • Goal A: To increase the number of QRS sites

      • Strategy 1: To promote quality improvement programs (QRS and QPPS) to assure children are in quality preschool and childcare environments

    • Goal B: Increase the number of childcare slots available to families in Muscatine.

      • Strategy 1: Engage community business leaders to have conversations regarding childcare in Muscatine County.

Parenting Easier

  • Priority 2: Healthy Children (ECIRA: Healthy Children)

    • Goal A: To increase the number of child care providers who participate in the food program.

      • Strategy 1: To support a consultant that provides training, support and encourages participation in the food program.

    • Goal B: To increase the number of children screened for developmental and social emotional delays

      • Strategy 2: To support programs that screen or connect children and families to wellness services


  • Priority 3: Parenting Support (ECIRA: Secure and Nurturing Families)

    • Goal: To increase the number of families connecting with parenting programs.

      • Strategy 1: To support evidence-based in home visitation programs and community groups building parenting connections.

      • Strategy 2: To participate in community conversations regarding child abuse prevention efforts. 


Learning Happening

  • Priority 4: Children in Muscatine County will be school ready (ECIRA: Children Ready to Succeed in School)

    • Goal (A): Preschool aged children will have access to accredited or quality rated preschool programs;  Goal (B): Increase the 3 and 4 year olds will be enrolled in preschool. (ECIRA: Children Ready to Succeed in School)

      • Strategy 1: Provide tuition assistance for low income 3, 4 and 5 year olds to participate in quality preschool programs.

      • Strategy 2: Support transportation assistance for children to participate in quality preschool

    • Goal C: To increase the percentage of children with Kindergarten readiness skills

      • Strategy 1: To provide training and support to childcare providers to encourage Early Talk environments

      • Strategy 2: To provide training and continuing education to the community on the importance of Early Talk

      • Strategy 3: Promote literacy opportunities and access for 3-5 year olds.

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