Muscatine Community Y 

Family Program Services




Family Program Services offers group support to provide parenting education to families. The focus is to educate parents by building their individual knowledge base regarding child development and child management techniques, along with other general parenting education topics.

Families are taught active parenting and benefit from a variety of parenting education lesson plans including guest speakers from the community, collaborations with other organizations, and other parenting topics.


Parents are offered a confidential and reliable source of information about parenting, self-sufficiency, community programs, agencies, and other family-strengthening information. Problems such as domestic violence, poverty, alcoholism, substance abuse and child abuse are discussed in a confidential setting. 

The program also includes local experts who provide ongoing education to program participants through monthly workshops. These workshops are meant to increase parent awareness of community services and to enhance the likelihood of them utilizing these services after having met the service provider at the workshop. Referrals to program participants for community services are an integral part of the program. 



Diana Broderson

Director of Family Programs